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السؤال: Dear friends I accepted Jesus Chirst about a year ago and I am very happy for the salvation of Lord Jesus, but I was divorced and had to leave my 3 chirdren because of that. I am not angry because of that I am praying for the salvation of my exhusband and his soul to be saved from sin and demonic possesion because he has a mental illness called bipolar disorder and for my baptizem to happen soon and also to baptize my children. I will be very happy if you say the prayer with me for my husband to accept christ and for my children and myself to be baptezed . Thank you and God bless.

الجواب: الاخت سلمى : ان قبول الانسان للمسيح كرب فعلي في حياته هو من اعظم الامور على الاطلاق . الرب يثبتك في نموك الروحي لتكوني شاهدة عن التغيير الحقيقي الذي حصل في حياتك من جراء قبولك للرب يسوع . " اذا ان كان احد في المسيح فهو خليقة جديدة الاشياء العتيقة قد مضت . هوذا الكل قد صار جديدا " ( 2كورونثوس 17:5) . ونصلي من اجل عائلتك ومن اجل شفاء زوجك وليكون حاضر لقبول المسيح كمخلص شخصي . Sister Salma: For one to accept Christ as the ultimate Lord over his life is the greatest thing ever. May the Lord make you stand firmly in your spiritual growth, for you to be able to be a living testimony about the real change that occurred in your life, the result of you accepting the Lord Jesus. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians5: 17. We pray for your family and for the healing of your husband and for him to be ready to accept Jesus as His personal savior.
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