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السؤال: i am 28 year old male, catholic. i want to confess my sins straight to jesus my savior blessed his name. but it looks like according to the catholic church god will not accept my confession if it is not done through the priest. dont get me wrong i relize the importance of priest's, but in gods eyes we are all equal and a priest is not better then me in gods eyes, a sinner conffesing to a sinner dos not = right. please help me can i confess stright to god? thanks.

الجواب: حضرة الصديق العزيز : يعترف الانسان بالخطية عندما يشعر بأنه بالفعل اخطأ , والسؤال لمن نذهب ونعترف بخطايانا , لنقوم بهذه الخطوة علينا ان نعلم من هو صاحب الحق ولمن اخطأنا , الكتاب المقدس يصرح بأن الله هو صاحب الحق وهو الذي يقرر بالمسامحة او عدمها , " ان اعترفنا بخطايانا فهو امين وعادل حتى يغفر لنا خطايانا ويطهرنا من كل اثم . ان قلنا اننا لم نخطىء نجعله كاذبا وكلمته ليست فينا " (1يوحنا1: 9) ) . هذا يعني ان الله لا يطلب وسطاء يمكن لللأنسان ان يعترف مباشرة لخالقه هو الوحيد المخول ليغفر الخطايا . Dear Friend; One confesses in his sin when he feels that he did something wrong, but the question is to whom we should go when we confess. To do this step we should know who is the right owner and to whom we did wrong. The Bible makes a clear statement that God is the Right Owner and he decides whether he should forgive us or not. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (Ijohn1: 9) This means that God does not require a moderator, so a man can confess directly to his creator to forgive our sins.
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